Monday, July 28, 2008

Mad Men Season Premier: Slow but Satisfying

Just a few notes to add to Lisa's post about the season two premier of Mad Men. It did move at a very leisurely pace, although the office venue is still hopping. Best moments; figuring out where to put that new fangled Xerox machine (and ultimately, it didn't take them long to start copying body parts), the old black and white TV footage of Jackie Kennedy giving a tour of the White House in the background on very vintage televisions (kudos to the MM set designers) and Don Draper mentoring Peggy the junior copywriter on the most compelling way to position the new airline account. It's not sex that's emotion. "What did you bring me, Daddy?" Don Draper and Peggy Olsen are the most intriguing characters, and this first episode leaves us wanting much more of them both. I also liked Don Draper's final voice over, which was prose in the shadow of Robert Frost...cold, precise, and very New England. Most of the Mad Men long to be published writers, but Don Draper may have the most accomplished way with words of them all.

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Lisa said...

Definitely looking forward to the second episode and will watch this one again to catch all the nuances. This show does get even better on a second viewing; it is filled with the kind of subtle detail that invites -- requires, sometimes -- studied contemplation. I'm always kind of horrified by the cynicism of some of the ad men and it's interesting that Peggy has some of it but immediately gets the other side of the ad equation that Draper spoke of. Is Don still carrying a torch for the department store heiress? Did he send her that book? Can't wait to find out.