Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's Orange and Black and Sort of Scary?'s not part 4 of Lisa's wonderful Halloween TV series. It's the WORLD SERIES, starring the fabulous quirky San Francisco Giants and underdog Texas Rangers on Fox Sports or your local Fox affiliates, starting tonight.

I know, what the heck am I doing writing a sports TV post when the only sports I've covered have been the Olympics and the occasional Kentucky Derby? Well, since this is my 1000th post on The Flaming must be love. For the SF Giants, that is. Disclaimer: Please note, I will hardly ever mention the opposing team (Texas Rangers). In fact this is all she's writing for T at the moment.

What makes this series so incredibly compelling from a TV perspective? The ragtag team from San Francisco makes for great television. These are more than just great ball players. They are colorful, wonderful, oddball characters. Here's a little back information to help you feel the love, if you're not already a fan:

What's torture baseball? That's a cliff hanger, just like in episodic TV dramas, where the Giants make you think they are going to lose all the way through the game, and then they win at the last minute. So far this plot device is mercifully not happening tonight, as it is 8-3 Giants in the 6th inning for Game One.

Who is Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson? He's the closing pitcher for the Giants who dyes his beard black, is fierce as a pirate when he has to be and hopes someday to be the answer for a NY Times crossword puzzle!

Who is Tim Lincecum? He's the thin as a rail, long haired, hugely popular Giants pitcher (and 2 time Cy Young award winner) who was called Hippie Trash by the rude Philadelphia fans during the National League championship. He punished them by sending them to the scrap heap and the Giants to the World Series.

Who is Pablo "Panda Bear" Sandoval? He's the Giant's round shaped third baseman who has inspired San Francisco fans to come to AT&T park wearing stuffed panda toys on their heads. We're talking grown men here. And they are proud to wear those stufties!

Who is Buster "Baby Face" Posey? He's the Giant's amazing 23 year old rookie catcher who looks like a young Val Kilmer and plays like an old soul from The Field of Dreams.

These are just a few of the cast of characters, um...players, who have kept the SF Bay area captivated with their skill and originality. Baseball on TV has never been better!

I heard today that if Texas loses the series (oops, I guess I am mentioning them three times) they have to send our SF mayor Gavin some Texas BBQ. But if San Francisco loses (God Forbid), then Mayor Newsom has to send Texas some of our sour dough bread, Dungeness Crabs and Ghirardelli chocolate. If you ask me, the city by the bay has the better team AND the better food. And speaking of food, check out the Giants fever cupcakes that a co-worker brought to BlogHer today.

Can you feel the love now? Go Giants!

Adding a bit of post game (11-7 Giants win) post comments trivia:
---The Giants have been in 3 World Series since they were moved from NY to SF in 1953
---They did not win any of them
---Most teams that win Game One of the World Series, go on to win the whole thing.
---Looking very good for the Orange and Black at this point
---A late Wooo Hooo for Uribe (and a whole lot of happy) who made a homer earlier tonight that I missed when I was writing this post!


Lisa said...

I can't believe it, but you've managed to make watching baseball sound like fun! Great cast of characters -- "hippie trash" indeed! lol!

I agree, your SF food is much better than Texas barbeque (though that isn't bad!) -- you win in my book on that basis alone!

Delightful post! Go Giants!

Jane said...

Wow! If I can make a life long non-sports fan get the point of the quirky Giants, then I have done my job! I was sort of worried writing about sports, but at least my passion came through loud and clear. Thanks Lisa!

Jane said...

Forgot to mention one more bit of trivia that cat lovers will enjoy. The excellent SF Animal Shelter caught "Giants Fever" a few weeks back and decided to have a special promotion. People could adopt orange, black or orange/black/white calico kitties for a hugely reduced fee. I think it was something like $4.00 per kitty. At last count, over 60 cats went to new homes, presumably all Giants fans. I wonder how many of those felines got called "Panda" or "Posey" or "Beard"?

Judith said...


Being an American League fan (Chicago White Sox fan since I lept out of the womb) I am cheering for Texas. Go Rangers!

Jane said... have my sincere sympathy. :)