Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Alan Partridge? A-ha!

If you're a fan of British comedian Steve Coogan and his hilarious character of Alan Partridge, daft and clueless TV and radio host, you should be heartened! Coogan, who hasn't done Alan for several years now, is revisiting Partridge's world for a series of Foster's Beer webisodes which may later show up as a TV series.

This is wonderful news! Read this article from Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood - London edition to find out all about it:

Steve Coogan Could Return To British TV As Alan Partridge

If you aren't familiar with Coogan as Partridge, take a look at this insanely great clip where he's confronted by an outraged farmer on his radio show.

You make pigs smoke!

For everything you need to know about Steve Coogan and Alan Partridge, visit the wonderful Dedicated Alan Partridge Site.

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