Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween TV Countdown #3 -- Jon Hamm as James Mason on "Saturday Night Live"

More Halloween goodness from The Flaming Nose! Our third choice is a short skit from NBC's Saturday Night Live of October 25, 2008. It's one of Bill Hader's several ventures as horror actor Vincent Price in various holiday specials, and it's the best one. Most of the delight was Mad Men actor Jon Hamm being absolutely hilarious and dead on in his impersonation of a soused James Mason. They reference Lolita but actually that was a couple of years later than the 1959 time frame of this fake show, but using Lolita to introduce Mason on a kid's special is wonderful!

Hamm is amazing, completely in character and using his seldom seen (except here and in his great appearances on 30 Rock, and also his wonderful bits on the Emmy Awards) comic chops. Also starring in the sketch are Fred Armisen as a flamboyant Liberace, and Kristen Wiig as a melodramatic Gloria Swanson. All are terrific, but Hamm is the real surprise. Here is the whole segment -- it's less than 7 minutes so watch it right now and enjoy!

Even more goodness -- Jon Hamm is hosting this year's Halloween eve Saturday Night Live episode this weekend, so don't miss it! We're hoping for another hilarious outing with our favorite Mad Man.

Once again we say Boo! (But in the nicest way...)

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