Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Treat for Lost in Space Fans

This is simply stunning. I felt compelled to post it here. A re-imagining of the first automated test flight of the Jupiter 2 from the TV show "Lost in Space."

Taken from the creator Haselius00's youtube description:

"Set in the year 2097 at the Alpha Control Shipyards on Jupiter's moon, Callisto. The ship's systems are tested during a shakedown flight before the spacecraft is sent to Earth to pick up the Robinson Family a week later. The Jupiter 2 is the first in a series of ships designed to take families from Earth to the new colony planet in orbit around Alpha Centauri.

Part 1 shows the launch, attainment of escape velocity from Callisto, the deployment of the ship's sensors and engagement of the navigational systems. Part 2 will take a look at the ship's passenger compartment and feature the most famous crew member, Robot B9.

All models, animation, original texture mapping & editing by me. Sound FX are modified from the show. Royalty-free music from AudioMicro, since FOX hates any use of their own music, even if it's fair use.... All models created entirely with 3ds MAX. Compiled with AfterEffects & Audacity."

Recognition must be given to Art Creber and Robert Kinoshita, the original designers of the Jupiter 2 and the Robot, and many of the props in the show. A sincere thank you for giving us a means by which our imaginations can run free."

More great stuff on Haselius00's youtube channel

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Lisa said...

Wow! Stunning it definitely is!

I can't wait to watch his other LiS creations. So beautiful!

Also, great to see you here, Scott! It's been a while! We miss you!