Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gleefully Awaiting Rocky Horror Tonight

Just a little piggy back onto Lisa's marvelous Halloween TV updates to entice all 12 people in the USA who have not yet decided to watch tonight's Glee episode showcasing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tune in to your FOX affiliate tonight at 8pm.

If that picture of Kurt as "Riff Raff" doesn't do it for you...if the thought of doing the "Time Warp" again on your living room floor doesn't do it for you....then for heaven's sake, don't you at least want to see who they picked to play Frank-N-Furter?

Get those black leather bustiers and feather boas ready ladies and gents. Tonight's the night!

And if for some reason you miss the actual episode on TV, you can catch it again on the fox.com website.

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