Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Thoughts About Spock

Let's just "free-associate" about Spock for a few moments here, shall we?

  • What if Spock and Lucy had mated? What kind of other worldly spawn would result? I think the last post (thank you Lisa) comes up with a pretty good approximation.
  • What exactly is the juxtaposition between Vulcans and cats? A few weeks ago, Lisa posted a delightful video of two cars sparring to the awesome music of the Kirk-Spock fight in "Amok Time". It seemed quite logical to watch cats fight to this iconic music. And posted above is a scene from the original Star Trek where Spock seems smitten by a cat. Odd, because he didn't have the same affinity for Tribbles, and everyone else on the Enterprise went bonkers for Tribbles
  • Has there ever, in the history of television, been a more compelling "Bromance" than the relationship between Spock and Kirk? Were these dudes BFF's or what?
  • Retail Trek opportunity alert! Walmart now has action figures from the upcoming movie on May 8th for around $6.00 apiece. I, of course, had to purchase the Spock doll, to be used as a computer God on my home office desk. He comes with an adorable detachable hand; you can have either a normal hand or a "Vulcan Salute" hand. I'm posting a picture here....enjoy!
  • What is your favorite original Star Trek catchphrase?
  1. Live long and prosper
  2. He's dead, Jim!
  3. I am responsible for the lives of 357 crew people
  4. Beam me up, Scotty
And as the approaching movie release date (May 8th, in case you've been in a coma) looms near...let the hysteria continue!


Lisa said...

I think my fave phrase used to be "Live Long and Prosper" but as I grow older I love McCoy so I might have to change it to "He's dead, Jim!". Great post! I need to get one of those Spock dolls, too!

Jane said...

Get the Kirk! Then you can have him "friend" my Spock on MySpace and Facebook.

I don't think there will be any end to this insanity. Do you ever read the comments on the original Star Trek posts on YouTube? I swear they are just as off the charts nuts as our own musings. There is a whole planet full of Trek geeks out there. Apparently, we have all lived long and prospered.