Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let's Just Put Up All the New Scenes from "Trek"!

Here's Chris Pine as Kirk and Karl Urban as McCoy meeting for the first time!

And here Kirk meets up with Uhura, played by the lovely Zoe Saldana --

It's good seeing sexy vibes coming from the movie -- I get where some folks might be thinking this is too "90210" for Trek, but I think it's wonderful! From what I've seen I like Pine as Kirk, and Urban looks like a great McCoy, and same for Quinto as Spock, who certainly has the perfect look and we'll see if he captures the mystique (something that maybe only matters to us old time fans -- he can create his own mystique, of course).

Can't wait for this!


Jane said...

You're killing us Lisa! Tease after tease of terrific Star Trek scenes. I don't know how I'm going to survive until May 8th!

Jane said...

Forgot to mention....I like the fact that this Star Trek movie will be sexier! It's more in tune with the original, where Kirk banged every Alien girl between Earth and Antares. And for some strange reason they were always wearing hot pants and a long fluffy pony tail. So Sixties!!

Lisa said...

I am also delighted to see some sexy stuff in this new Trek. I think the line in the Kirk/Uhura scene about farm animals is hilarious. Bring it on!

Dean Treadway said...

I know I wanna see this movie, Lisa...but the clips don't convince me it'll be great. Urban's Scot accent is nonexistant, and the twin mentions of Kirk's farmboy background in the Uhura clip make me very afraid for the dialogue. Still, the number 1 blockbuster out there for me! I love me some space movies! ANd, if you think about it, they're not many of them made. This'll be the first major one since Danny Boyle's magnificent SUNSHINE a couple of years ago. Also looking forward to MOON with Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey in HAL mode.

Jane said...

OMG Dean, you are one of the rare people to reference "Sunshine". It was a really interesting Sci Fi from a character perspective, but I had HUGE problems with it in terms of real life scientific improbabilities. There is no way any kind of space craft could get that close to the sun and not be a) pulled into it's atmosphere by gravitational force and b) not burn to a crisp I don't care what kind of heat shields they had and c) All the humans and plants inside would have died from the radiation. All of this bothered me so much, it detracted from my enjoyment of the movie!