Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Previously Unseen "Star Trek" Footage Found in Vault!

Eureka, Star Trek fans! It's the Holy Grail for Trekkies! Several short test reels for Star Trek: The Original Series have been uncovered inside Paramount's film storage vaults. From notes found in the film cans, plus screenings of the footage, Trekperts at the studio have determined that these were individual promotional scenes made to be shown to NBC-TV execs and affiliates during network meetings. In all cases they do not correspond to any full episodes of ST:TOS, so these are true rarities. Paramount has released a selection of photos and short descriptions of the material, with a full release scheduled for later in the year after further restoration:

McCoy, Vampire Hunter: Dr. McCoy beams down to a Victorian England-era planet where his medical training makes him the townspeople's perfect choice to deal with a dangerous predator who is terrorizing the village.

Prisoner Kirk: Capt. Kirk is captured by Klingons and is sent to a brutal detainee camp, but only he and Spock know that he is on an secret mission to rescue of one of the Federation's greatest space scientists who is facing immiment execution there.

Without Reservation: The crew of the Enterprise is challenged and disturbed by the free love/no clothing philosophy of the imperiled space colonists they have been sent to rescue from a disintegrating planet.

Chez Sickbay: Desperately craving Southern home cooking, Dr. McCoy breaks regulation and starts a successful cafe on the ship, and must decide whether to leave the Enterprise to embark on a career as a roving chef or remain a doctor.

Voice of the Vulcan: After a near-fatal bout with a dangerous fever, Spock discovers that he is able to sing and is pressed into service in the upcoming Federation Talent Show.

The Flaming Nose can't wait for the full release of this exciting new addition to the Star Trek legacy!


Jane said...

May I be the first to say..."APRIL FOOLS!" I figured it out about half way down the list. VERY EXCELLENT JOKE Lisa! The most fun Flaming Nose post ever. I am giving you a standing O right now from my office!

Dean Treadway said...

Hilarious stuff! And so convincing. I wonder what kind of vibrato Spock has. And whether McCoy puts fatback in his greens...

Amy said...

I read the whole thing and didn't realize it was a joke. Hysterical. Bravo, Lisa!