Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Early Reviews of "Star Trek" Coming In!

Sure, the world premiere may have taken place in Sydney, Australia yesterday, but fans in Austin, Texas also scored an unexpected and wonderful preview of the new Star Trek movie last night, too. Courtesy of the web-famous Ain't It Cool News folks, Leonard Nimoy, the writers and producer Damon Linehof showed up to sneak the movie for a select audience. There are several terrific accounts of the evening alredy posted, one here by Neil Miller who is a self-professed Trek fan, another here by Cole Abaius who isn't. Harry of AICN has a rave review here, and Quint of AICN gives his two cents here. Here's another aggregation of reviews posted at /Film by Peter Sciretta.

After reading these, I don't think our enthusiasm and excitement for the new movie is misplaced!

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Jane said...

I'm scared to watch these reviews, even though I know they are raving. My expectations are so sky high at this point that I have to back off, or I'll explode like a Super Nova before I even see the movie. Did I mention that I am actually taking May 8th off from work so I can see an early showing of it with Tommy? Sooooooo excited about Star Trek. It's reason to live.