Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nat Geo Channel Tells Tough Stories

This is a good week for the Nat Geo Channel. The new season of the harrowing Locked Up Abroad started this past Wednesday, and the first episode "Cuzco" replays tonight at 6pm. We all know there are plenty of real-life characters on TV these days who don't deserve much sympathy -- spoiled brides-to-be, snippety would-be fashion models, the real housewives of just about anywhere -- and you might be tempted to put the hapless folks from Locked Up Abroad into that category. They often appearing to be traveling headlong into obvious trouble with messy druggy lifestyles, and maybe it's hard to drum up much concern for them.

But's got to be horrible, and even worse, some of these folks are completely innocent and yet they've gotten into the most dire predicaments in grungy prisons in hot sweaty countries with dicey legal standards. Locked Up Abroad should at the very least serve as an object lesson for everybody contemplating being a drug mule for fun and profit. Just say no. Visit the LUA site on the Nat Geo website for more information and if you've got a creepy story of your own, they'd like to hear it.

Tonight Nat Geo premieres a timely documentary under their Explorer label: Inside Guantanamo takes us into the infamous prison where 9/11-related detainees are been held. With the recent announcement by Pres. Obama that he intends to close Gitmo, the disposition of the 200 men (are they all men?) is a global issue. Regardless of your politics, the ethical and legal questions raised by Guantanamo are myriad, and this special might help answer some questions for all of us.

It clearly won't be an easy two hours to watch, but it needs to be seen. Nat Geo has provided a detailed companion website for Inside Guantanamo, and it deserves a visit. A panel discussion with the filmmakers, history of the prison, and many other relevant pieces of background info are provided. Inside Guantanamo airs tonight at 9pm Eastern, with a repeat at midnight, and also a couple of plays on this coming Wednesday 4/8 at 8pm with a new Locked Up Abroad directly following. Don't miss it.

The Flaming Nose salutes Nat Geo for being a terrific channel, with a programming mandate that's always intelligent and consistently fascinating.

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Jane said...

Locked Up is absolutely terrifying. If you are in the mood to hyperventilate, this one is better than a horror movie. Nat Geo has really become the most fascinating non-fiction channel. I would have to say it's probably #2 for me,(after HBO) in terms of favorites.