Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Mega Disasters" New Season Starts on History Channel tonight!

The most consistently exciting documentary series on television begins its second season tonight -- The History Channel's incredible Mega Disasters has a new episode premiering at 9pm! Hypercane posits the fascinating theory that the massive dinosaur extinction of 65 million years ago, precipitated by the Chicxulub asteroid impact, was helped along by the consequences resulting from that event, possibly including a mega-storm that could have wiped out most of life on Earth all by itself. The special will examine the incredible destructive powers in such a storm, exponentially stronger than anything we have ever experienced in recorded history, and show us how the dinosaurs simply wouldn't have had a chance of making it out alive.

The concept of a Hypercane is itself a theory, and you can read some real scientists discussing Hypercanes: Fact or Fiction at a completely intriguing Sciforum site.

To celebrate the beginning of its 2nd season, The History Channel is running several episodes of Mega Disasters during the day, both in the
morning and later in the afternoon. At 4pm you can catch Yellowstone Eruption, at 5pm West Coast Tsunami (about what might happen if the Cascadia Subduction Zone breaks), and at 6pm Mega Freeze. At 8pm directly before the preem of Hypercane one of the best segments -- Comet Catastrophe -- repeats. This is one of my favorites; a comet comes down in the ocean off the coast near San Francisco. Yikes! And then of course the premiere of Hypercane at 9pm. (The Comet Catastrophe/Hypercane combo repeats again beginning at midnight, and check the History Channel website for additional plays.)

Mega Disasters is compelling, frightening and awe-inspiring television! Congrats to The History Channel for taking this great concept and running with it. This is the kind of programming that helps beget tomorrow's scientists, and heaven knows this planet is going to need them.


Jane said...

Are there really more great documentaries on TV lately, or is it just me? I feel like over 60% of my viewing time is spent watching excellent docs like this history series, or anything on Nat Geo or the recent outstanding "Carrier" series on PBS. While everyone is worried about the Ghetto of "Reality TV" (a well deserved worry), we have to remind everyone that there is a ton of great, quality non-fiction programming out there

Lisa said...

You are so right, Jane. Whereas we used to have only one or two places to find terrific non-fiction docs, now the outlets are numerous. I've always said there has never so much programming perfect for people who would probably say they never watch TV because there's nothing good on. Maybe they indeed just don't know what they're missing! There's so much out there -- I wonder if people are conflating "reality" programs with non-fiction? One problem is that the non-fiction shows don't get nearly the publicity or buzz. What would we do without History Channel, Discovery, Science, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, PBS, Biography...? What a great array of choices!

Jane said...

Not only that, but with great DVD providers like Netflix, it's easier than ever to order more obscure or hard to find documentaries. I ordered "Who Killed the Electric Car" the other day and it was fascinating. And the most darling documentary movie ever called "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill". If you have not seen this one, please look for it. I cried like a two year old, it was so touching.

Scott said...

Let's not forget the viewer/self programing made possible by the DVR... and we have three of them capable of recording 6 shows simultaneously in tandem! I'm not bragging... if anything I'm a little embarrassed about it... but I will say Harry & I NEVER EVER say there's nothing on TV anymore... haven't for 3 years! If anything it's almost a chore to watch it all and clear out the recordings! The combination of digitial cable's format-television and the DVR really is great.
Lisa, thanks for the heads up on "Mega Disasters." I love that sort of thing and I will be setting a DVR to record it!!