Monday, May 12, 2008

Destiny is a Fickle Bitch

A memorable line from last Thursday's well written episode of "Lost." One might use the same adjectives to describe this exciting but often frustrating series.

Looking back, I realize that we've learned a lot, as this abbreviated fourth season comes to a close. All of the Oceanic survivors and "The Others" have had past encounters of some kind. There are "special" characters who have varying degrees of E.S.P. - primarily Desmond, Ben, John & Walt - for whom being a "Chosen One" has consequences (another line from last Thursday).

We also now know that the Island, or something that inhabits its very being (Jacob?), is alive. The human characters of this talented ensemble are not, and never have been, the stars of "Lost." They're the supporting actors. The Island is the true star and centerpiece of the show. Whether it's a protagonist, antagonist or anti-hero remains to be seen, but its very survival has become a paramount theme of the show and it's starting to drive the plot. Thank God something finally is!

One other observation. "Lost" has always existed in multiple time frames. The past two seasons have had three time frames: the present (the crash and months that followed), the past (flashbacks that reveal the characters' histories and common threads), and the very near future (the flash-forwards focusing on "The Oceanic Six"). That's about to change as the "near future" turns into the present next season (we're literally catching up to the "near future"). The one wildcard still out there is the hint of time displacement between the Island and the freighter. That has yet to play out.

Hopefully the writers will tighten up the show as it enters the home stretch. This season was moving toward a showdown between two groups who were NOT the original main characters- Ben (of 'The Others") versus Whidmore (the man behind "the freighter crew"). Last week the Island (through "Jacob") dominated the plot. That's good, because it seemed as if the series had taken an unexpected wrong turn when the whole Darma Initiative thing was reduced to a mere plot device by the end of season two. Please tie it all together and build to a climax Mr. Abrams!!

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Jane said...

Let me know when they "fix" it and I will start watching again. In the is too short to try and figure out Lost these days! :)