Friday, May 2, 2008

Introducing Michael G; TFN Sports Prodigy

"Air allows me to live; sports is my life" ....Michael G.

The Flaming Nose founders would like to issue a hearty honk and welcome to our newest Guest Blogger, Mr. Michael G. Michael hails from Manhattan Beach, California and he attends school there. Michael will be our resident roving sports reporter, so look for his passionate posts once a week on the Nose. None of the other Nose writers understand sports at all, so Michael's expertise will be most welcome for all of the TV sports fans out there in cyberspace wondering when we are going to mention something about the Yankees or the Lakers. His devotion to the topic is relentless, and we will look forward to many riveting accounts about his favorite athletes including Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Manu Ginobli. His specialties are Basketball and Golf, but we will also eagerly anticipate Michael's take on the upcoming Olympics in China.

The most amazing stat about our newest writer? He's only 13! Better watch your back, Bryant Gumbel!


Amy said...

As Michael's mom, I'm extremely tickled he's a guest blogger for the Flaming Nose. Thank you, Jane, for such a warm and witty welcome. Dad and I are very proud of you, Micky G. Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

Michael has shown, already, the wonderful ability to write a sports post that is interesting to even non-sports viewers. That is the sign of a terrific writer!

We are so lucky to have him with us!