Friday, May 30, 2008

When We Left Earth

Earth. Our planet. Do you see it there in the picture, the beautiful blue marble rising over the lonely gray plain of the moon? You've probably witnessed this iconic and magnificent image a thousand times. Here's a new twist and heads up on The Flaming Nose. June 8th, (next Sunday) 9pm eastern on The Discovery Channel, you'll be able to see this, and much of the Apollo space mission footage, digitally re-mastered and in HD for the first time.

Also...a last minute flag for all the late night US Flaming Nose fans (or early morning Global readers)...the Space Shuttle is set to take off tomorrow from Kennedy Space Center at 5:02PM eastern standard US. Check out the details at NASA. If you haven't seen it lately, their website is fantastic. God speed to the crew of mission STS-124 (pictured above) as they commence their journey to the space station.

Here's a little video taste of next week's Discovery Channel space mission special...zooming its way to you next Sunday in HD. I can tell you right now, they got the sound right. I've seen 3 NASA launches (Apollo and Space Shuttle) in person, and the only thing more beautiful than the sight of it, is the super sonic roar. Watch...and listen.


Scott said...

Jane thanks for the heads up. I had heard about this but didn't realize it was starting next week. Got the DVR set. Must tell my dad now - he's a space junkie. Hope today's launch goes well... I'm filling in producing the 5pm & 10pm newscast today and I love a good "video off the top, nat sound full" launch coming out of my first break into the 2nd segment!!

Lisa said...

NASA TV is even more soothing than C-SPAN...I watched a bit in the middle of the night last night. It's fascinating watching the people at their consoles, when nothing particular is going on. I'll be following this mission, thanks to your post!

Jane said...

What's really cool is that they stream Nasa-TV from the website. So sometimes at work I open it up and minimize it on my laptop so I can only hear the astronaut cross-chatter with each other and with Houston. And I find that very soothing too, especially when I'm having a stressful day working with all the Internet babies!

Karen said...

Thanks for the scoop, I will definitely tune in. I am a great fan of everything from the early days of space travel. I am truly fascinated by the fact that we even got to the moon in an age when we were still using slide rules and a computer took up and entire room.
I would also recommend to anyone who hasn't already seen Ron Howard's "In The Shadow Of The Moon" to watch it. This is an excellent tribute to those astronauts who were lucky enough to have gone to the moon and back.