Sunday, May 4, 2008

Internet to TV-The Future of Programming?

Next Sunday on the National Geographic Channel, a fascinating thing will take place that just might mark a fundamental change in television programming. At 9pm on May 11th, Nat Geo will broadcast a documentary called "Battle at Kruger". It's a harrowing event that takes place in the African wilderness. The star is a baby buffalo, who is captured first by a lion, then by a crocodile and ultimately survives it all when the entire herd of buffalo comes to his rescue.

OK, exciting enough, but why do I say it will change the TV landscape? Because Battle at Kruger has already been seen globally almost 30 million times. B.A.K is what is known as "User Generated Content". It is a You Tube video that was posted over a year ago and went super nova viral with millions of views.

Recognizing the potential in that popularity, Nat Geo has made a special out of the whole event. I will tune in next Sunday to see how they have expanded a 5 minute Internet video (posted above) into a full TV special. Fascinating stuff and a great time to be alive as we watch the online and offline worlds merge.


Anonymous said...

AMAZING! Bravo to the Buffaloes! Those lionesses weren't giving up easily. They're nothing like their cousins - our little scaredy cats at home. Thanks for the post, Jane. Can't wait to watch next Sunday!

Scott said...

Wow, revolt against the kings (and queens)of the jungle! Who knew buffalo would to return with reinforcements! Lions have always been among my favorite animals, in beauty and in behavior, but I have a new found respect for Buffalo! They just won't be bullied!
I suppose where getting to the point where new media will start feeding traditional media as much as traditional media feeds new media. What I mean, we tend to post TV shows and audio files on websites, but more and more web "phenomenona" cannot be ignored and TV producers & networks know they can cash in. I love seeing where this will go. Will it all merge eventually? I suspect it will. You know, when Sumner Redstone is finally gone, don't be surprised if Google ends up owning CBS. Then you'll really see some synergy between new and traditional media!!