Thursday, May 8, 2008

AMC Renews "Breaking Bad"

The Flaming Nose is thrilled to learn that AMC has renewed the fascinating, action-packed and nearly heartbreaking series Breaking Bad for another thirteen episodes. The series preemed in January with seven original episodes, and this more robust order is ensures that this great hour will be around for a while. We can't say enough good things about the performance of series star Bryan Cranston; if you only knew him from Malcolm in the Middle (and there's nothing wrong with that; he was great in it) you won't believe how amazing and affecting he is in Breaking Bad. That man deserves an Emmy nomination in the fall!

It's great to see that this wonderful series will be making more episodes. With two amazing original series -- Breaking Bad and Mad Men -- AMC is giving the rest of the cable nets some real competition. Our only complaint: please give us at least one uncut airing of each episode, with all the language, and in widescreen format -- late night would be fine. AMC is undercutting the true power of the show by pulling its punches and bleeping the profanity. The show is too fine for that kind of treatment. If there ever was a guy who deserved to be able to say "F*ck it all" -- it's Walt on Breaking Bad.

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