Friday, September 11, 2009

We Remember 9-11

Eight years later, we still struggle to find the right words. One million words are not enough.

The Flaming Nose remembers 09-11-2001.

It was a terrible day for America. It was the most photographed, and video'ed episode in history.

Watch the History Channel for one of the best recaps.

Why remember 9- 11? Because it showed, in the most graphic horror ever, how human beings face disaster. In the towers, even when they knew they were doomed, they called loved ones to say goodbye. 15,000 people calmly climbed stairs and helped carry wounded to safety. On flight 93, they organized a revolt. Ordinary folks flying home to San Francisco had about 30 minutes to figure out they were on a flying bomb. They fought back.

The most horrible day ever, brought about the most exceptional behavior from ordinary human beings. Most of us watched it unfold live on TV. Does that make it more...or less real as time goes by? Maybe younger people will become numb to the images.

I am reminded again of the line from the movie "Star Man", where the alien played by Jeff Bridges is cornered in an Arizona cafe. He says (of Earth) we have studied your civilization for thousands of years. "Do you know what we love most about humans? They are at their very best..when things are at their worst".

How true. How 9-11. We remember.

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Jane said...

It just occurred to me, that someone reading these posts a hundred years from now, might be inclined to say..."so what the hell happened on 9-11?" Because we did not mention that part on the Nose. Well, what happened was, the United States of America was attacked by fundamentalist cult Muslims backed by Ossama Bin Laden and various other radical groups in the middle east. They hate us and want us to die. We don't want to die yet. To be continued....