Monday, September 14, 2009

Viral Video Moment on the Nose

The Flaming Nose reported on the amazing Susan Boyle several months ago. She is the middle aged phenom out of Great Britain who captured everyone's heart with her rendition of Les Miserables "I Dreamed on Dream" on Britain's Got Talent. She did not win that contest, but this true star survives. Here is Ms. Boyle singing her version of the old Rolling Stones chestnut "Wild Horses" on America's Got Talent this week. The song will be included on her first CD which is set for release in about a month.

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Lisa said...

Some of those severe makeover shots in the little bio of her were way too made-up -- glad to see that her handlers compromised a bit and didn't try to glam her up too much. I still like the way she looked before better than the final product, but she still is lovely either way, and of course such a wonderful voice.