Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sons of Anarchy Returns to fX; Are You Along for the Ride?

Season two of Sons of Anarchy, the ultra violent motorcycle melodrama, races to fX next Tuesday (Sept 8th) at 10pm. Unless I've secretly had a brain transplant lately, there is no logical reason for why I would feel compelled to watch this program. I never watched the first season and I don't get motorcycle clubs. Much as I love Brando I've never once been able to make it all the way through The Wild Ones. Also, the thought of 50 motorcycles thundering through town makes me want to cover my ears. Which is weird, because the thought of 50 F-16 fighter jets doing a fly by over my head makes me want to scream with joy. As Uncle Teddy said on the season finale of Rescue Me last night, "She's all about the contradictions".

And maybe that's the point right there. With Rescue Me gone, there will be a Tuesday night television void to fill. Here's hoping that Charlie Hunnam who plays Jackson (Jax) Teller on SOA will be the one to fill it. He's another hottie from the UK who does a pitch perfect downscale American accent. And his filmography includes some highbrow titles such as "Cold Mountain" and "Children of Men". Katey Sagal also has a juicy role as Jackson's ruthless mother.

Here's a taste of season two with interviews from the cast. Should we turn down the volume next week and check it out?

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Lisa said...

I've seen bits of the show but never a whole episode. Also not probably my thing but the cast is interesting at least. Maybe we should take a shot. It will take some doing to fill Denis Leary's firefighter boots, but maybe these motorcycle guy can do it. I'm willing to give it a try. We'll be also sans our vampires soon, too...we need some new blood!