Thursday, September 3, 2009

MTV Spins Off "16 and Pregnant"

Have you watched this show on MTV? I've caught several episodes and it's depressingly interesting. These unfortunate pregnant teens -- and unfortunate doesn't begin to express how I really feel about how these gals are messing up their lives -- no matter how much they try to put on a happy face, are not in a good place.

I was particularly horrified by the episode where the youngish mother of a pregnant teenage girl also was pregnant at the same time, and there was also a grandmother in the house who pretty much just encouraged the whole mess and kept saying how beautiful it was to be pregnant. Good lord. Somebody break that cycle of continuously fertile women, please. It's simply sad and trashy.

Let's all hope the show discourages further unprotected sex for teen girl everywhere, and once and for all takes the "glamour" out of unwed motherhood. Anyway, the show is spinning off, as you will read here, and there's a (ha-ha...ick) "Labor Day Marathon" in store, too.

MTV Spins Off "16 and Pregnant"

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Jane said...

So this is what MTV has come to? Endless bottom feeder reality shows and not a music video in sight. Sigh. The very fact that there still are pregnant teens in this day and age is horribly depressing. I'd rather watch a story about a half ton teen on TLC than a pregnant teen on MTV! :)