Sunday, September 13, 2009

True Blood Season Finale Tonight

Time to bid farewell to Season Two of True Blood on HBO tonight (Sept 13 at 9pm Eastern). And what a magnificent season it has been. All of the characters had a white knuckle ride through the bayou and now we wait to see who will stop Maryanne the Maenad before she sends Bon Temps to ruin. Let's recap some of the most wonderful scenes from what has become the best HBO Sunday night series since the Sopranos.

What's For Dinner?: Tara and Eggs chow down on some sort of casserole made by the evil Maryanne...not realizing that Ms. Maenad has put a lot of heart into her culinary effort. Biggest ewwwwww of Season Two.

Jason's BBQ Fantasy: At the Light of Day church boot camp, Jason Stackhouse is seduced by cult leaders Sarah and Steve, over bottles of beer, sizzling BBQ and some suggestive country music. Calling MTV...this should be the music video of the year!

Godric Fades into Morning Mist: Godric, we hardly knew ye. The most amazing character of the season was with us for far too short a time. Though young, Godric was a commanding, almost ethereal presence. His self sacrificing sunrise death scene (and the devastating effect that it had on his acolyte Eric) was a rare moment of true emotion in the series. It also touched on spiritual themes that illustrate Alan Ball's ambivalence with religion.

Sookie and Eric Sex Fantasy: Best naked scene of the season. Who cares if it was all a dream? Episode #9 was too hot to discuss on The Flaming Nose!

The Crazy People of Bon Temps: Cavorting and running amok in the streets like something out of Dante's Inferno, the good people of Bon Temps had a non-stop orgy through most of the season. Along with the hapless Jason Stackhouse, their black eyed zombie escapades provided
the best comic relief of Season Two.

There were many more fabulous moments in Season Two. To heck with the bad economy, this might be one time where I'll have to buy the boxed set. Farewell to the greatest ensemble cast and clever, clever writing. Sunday nights just won't be the same. Sookie and Bill, Eric and Jason, Tara and've made fang bangers of us all!

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Lisa said...

It's been a fast season, and it seems weird to have it disappearing just as all the new shows are starting, doesn't it? Comparing "TrueBlood" to anything on network TV is a waste of time -- it's a whole new level of excitement, romance, passion, insanity, and really good acting. And I forgot to mention "fun"! At least we have a new batch of "Dexter" coming end of this month! "Mad Men" is sublime and brilliant, but it operates on a whole different heat level than "TrueBlood", especially this season. I can't wait for tonight!