Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Are All One: The Human Family Tree

Join Dr. Spencer Wells on the National Geographic channel, Sunday, August 30th at 9pm as he explores the mysteries of human origin, DNA and migration. At a little street festival in Queens, NY (possibly one of the more ethnically diverse locations on the planet) he takes DNA swabs from 200 Americans of just about every color in the rainbow. The DNA test results trace their roots back 50,000 years. Guess what? We all come from the same place!

This special, which is airing On Demand on some cable systems already, is riveting and thought provoking. It turns out that humans have a great deal in common, in spite of their religious, ethnic and skin color differences. We are all related at the molecular level.

OK, everybody can stop fighting now and get ready for the world's biggest family reunion! I'll bring the Swedish meatballs and the potato salad. Seriously, this is a wonderful science special. Set your DVR and check it out.


Lisa said...

This special sounds amazing! Can't wait to watch it! And what a pertinent and absolutely essential bit of information which might be the only hope for a world that just can't seem to get along. We can only hope. What an awesome concept for a special, and I love that science brings us all together where faith so often tears the world apart. (Just my particularly take on it.)

Jane said...

Beautifully put Lisa! I couldn't agree more. Hey I've seen two great movies lately...I wish I could think of a way to review on the Nose. District 9 last week and yesterday i saw Inglourious Basterds. Thought I wouldn't get the latter, but boy was it a dark, funny satire. Reminded me oddly enough of Dr. Strangelove. Go see it! I am a bad FN writer this week, guess why? Catster has commissioned me to write 11 more articles!