Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shark Week Premiers Tonight on Discovery!

It's as much a part of summer now as watermelon, and Coppertone suntan lotion. Shark Week returns to the Discovery Channel tonight with an absolutely terrifying cover of the 1916 northeast shark attacks that became the inspiration for Peter Benchley's book (and subsequently Spielberg's classic movie) "Jaws". Blood in the Water airs tonight at 9pm eastern, kicking off an entire week of delicious shark related fare. Catch a sneak peak of the video on the link above.

Buried somewhere in this week's fishy fun, will be a feature story about a man who saved his little dog from death by prying the pup from the jaws of a sand shark. That dog was treated at my sister's VCA veterinary clinic in Tavernier Florida, and they had the extreme thrill of welcoming a Discovery Channel camera crew to their office on a couple of occasions!

So much great little time! Humans are on the menu tonight, whether you watch the vampires chow down on True Blood or the sharks having a nosh on Discovery. Moi? I'll be going for both. Thank heavens for DVR!


Lisa said...

Can't wait for that 1916 shark program -- one of my favorite shark-related stores ever! Thanks for the heads-up, and what a cornucopia of viewing delights we have tonight!

Jane said...

I think I may have read just about everything that exists on this story, as it has been an obsession of mine for years as well. It will be interesting to see if they've uncovered anything new. The funny thing is, most scientist-historians thing it was probably a Bull Shark (and not a Great White) due to the extreme aggression of the animal and the fact that it didn't mind the brackish water in the river.