Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Allan Hyde as Godric on "TrueBlood" -- Mesmerizing!

We hope all you TrueBlood fans out there are as impressed with young actor Allan Hyde as vampire sheriff Godric as we are. He's stunning, with a quiet power and grace that makes him my new favorite character (at least for the time being) on this riveting and exciting series. We first got a glimpse of him in the Eric's flashback to the time he was turned into a vampire:

He came back into the show in a dramatic scene from last week's "Release Me":

And he was wonderful in this week's episode "Timebomb":

Hyde is Danish and TrueBlood is one of his first English-language appearances, but he's been making a name for himself in series and films in his native Denmark. The tremendously affecting work he's done so far in TB is deservedly going to make him a favorite of millions, and we hope he doesn't disappear too quickly from the show (IMDB lists him in only four episodes). More Godric, please!

Be sure to catch this week's episode -- it's disturbing and superb and also full of charming moments (like Jason hugging Bill). The episodes hold up to repeat viewing, the true mark of a show with enough layers to keep viewers enticed. TrueBlood is terrific!

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