Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Mad Men World: There's No Business Like Show Business

Don Draper gets a surprise when Broadway legend Ethel Merman drops by his favorite bar. She confesses to him that she's been kind of down since "Gypsy" closed, especially since her marriage to Ernie Borgnine is shaky. Don feels for the talented lady, and tries to cheer her up by singing a medley of tunes from "Call Me Madam" with her. Several hours and many drinks later both leave for the night, Don home to Betty, and Ethel to Ernie, vowing to try to make amends with him. Don wishes her luck as he watches her cab drive away into the Manhattan night.


Jane said...

Our Mad Men world has become like a "Train to Willoughby" from the Twilight Zone, but on an even more existential level. In "Train", the pressured Ad man longs to escape to a simpler, small town life where kids called you "Mister" and ladies carried parasols.

Now I, stranded in the colorless, sterile, sober, Twittering Gulag of 2009, long to escape to the smokey, mysterious mid-Century world of Don Draper and his tribe.


Lisa said...

I'll drink to that!

Jane said...

LOL times 100!