Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More on Don Hewitt and "60 Minutes" -- from Don Hewitt

You'll want to check out this article and accompanying video -- almost a full half-hour -- from PBS, with Don Hewitt sharing some of his insights regarding 60 Minutes. Thanks to TV Week for sharing this terrific link with us all!

Also recommended is this NY Times appreciation -- they call it "An Appraisal" -- of Hewitt by Mike Hale. It delves intelligently into the historical underpinnings of Hewitt's achievement. Without a doubt he changed television news forever, but that might be giving too little credit to him -- he changed the face and form of TV itself. Quite a legacy, as Hale details for us.

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Jane said...

Another TV News giant passes. 60 Minutes has long been the platinum standard of television news and Don Hewitt deserves the credit. I'm sure CBS will want to direct the focus to praising Don instead of the recent terrible publicity they've gotten from Dan Rather's law suit.