Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Giant Salamander Update! The Last One, I Promise!

I have to confess -- I fell asleep during the Dangerous Encounters show, but not because it wasn't great. Dr. Brady Barr was wrestling with a large -- but not giant -- salamander from the Florida Everglades, and I conked out. (Explanation: I had been at a four-hour dinner function with several courses and much amazing wine...missed the first airing but made it home for the encore, plus I'm one of those ladies who tends to fall asleep in front of the TV -- and I know I'm not the only one! I woke up about fifteen minutes before the end but instantly fell asleep again. Pathetic, I realize.) The photo is of Dr. Barr, who is delightful, with an American hellbender salamander.

But fear not! The show repeats tomorrow morning -- Monday -- at 11am on Nat Geo! Clash of the Giant Salamanders will be back to haunt your dreams!

What I did see was excellent and exciting! Thank goodness for current television schedules which provide many viewing opportunities, and of course those with DVRs can simply record and breathe a sigh of relief. I guess I need to join the 21st century too, in that respect!


Jane said...

Parallel Universe Time! I too went to a dinner party at my sister's house. Not as many courses as your excellent fest but still yummy with Edamame hummus dip and steak and BBQ mahi mahi. And of course Chardonney. I came home and settled down on the couch to watch my recorded version of the Giant Salamanders and made it about half way through before nodding off on the couch. I don't think the Salamanders like being yanked from their hiding places, but it sure is great to see them in all their glory!

Lisa said...

Oh boy...your dinner sounds amazing! Like the salamanders, I don't like being yanked from my hiding place either, but it's good to out once in a while, isn't it?

I shall catch up with them tomorrow! Hail to National Geographic Channel!