Monday, January 26, 2009

Flight of the Conchords-Because We All Need a Laugh Right Now

Don't miss this week's episode of FOTC on HBO, delightfully titled, "New Cup". Without giving too much away, Bret exceeds the FOTC family budget by overspending a couple of dollars on a new tea mug. Manager Murray can't save them because he's sunk the band's emergency fund into an important Nigerian investment program that he found over the Internet. Jemaine and Bret embark on a hair brained scheme to recoup their losses by engaging in the world's oldest profession. Funniest bit ever...Mel hires them to give her a massage. Most hilarious video ever: "Sugar Lumps", which I am posting below with a special disclaimer for our younger readers that this is somewhere between PG-13 and R based on language. Check out the businessmen, construction workers and nerds dancing in the background. Hip hop will never be the same. And special mention for FOTC best buddy Dave, who does an awesome Beastie-Boyesque rap inside the video. I am posting it here so we can all have an easy way to watch it another two or three hundred times. It's a sure fire cure for all the nasty economic news out there in the world today. If this doesn't make you laugh, you are comatose.

By the way, is it just me or is FOTC sort of a 21st Century post modern spawn of the old TV classic, The Monkees? Think about it and discuss amongst yourselves. I think there is a strand of Monkee's DNA pulsating somewhere inside of FOTC's hereditary background.


Lisa said...

I always watch TV with the CC on, and the lyrics to "Sugar Lumps" are amazing. Somebody's transcribed them here:

Jane said...

I like to watch the Sugar Lumps video better on my HD set, because the details with the background dancers are so completely nuts and funny. You can't really see it that well online in any of the videos. I have to see if I can put this video on my iPod or iPhone.

Lisa said...

I agree completely about the Monkees DNA in FoTC. Surely Bret is Davy, the dreamy one, and Jemaine is an amalgam of Mickey and Mike, for his humor and for his dark and slightly unconventional but appealing looks. Just a great show and is there any accent better than a New Zealand one? I don't think so!!