Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OMG -- Giant Salamanders on National Geo Channel!

Okay, this is an early heads up for all of us. This Saturday night, on the exciting Dangerous Encounters show, starring Dr. Brady Barr, he goes in search of giant salamanders! These aren't just big, these fellas are GIANT! I mean, look at that picture! Holy cow!! Amazing!!!

This looks like the best show on TV this week! It airs Saturday night at 8pm, and I highly suggest that you drop everything and plan to watch.

You can preview some video on the Dangerous Encounters website. Human-sized salamanders! (The only sad thing is that they evidently are considered a delicacy in some Asian cuisine circles -- that's really bad.)


Jane said...

What???? No way!! Is that giant thing going to turn into a FROG?? Isn't that what salamanders do? Thank you for this hugely important heads up!

Lisa said...

No, this giant thing just stays that way. You're thinking of tadpoles, and if I ever saw a tadpole that big -- well, it's time to run!!

I think that salamander is about the most amazing/creepy thing I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Salamanders and frogs are both in the same family, and both of them actually start out as tadpoles.