Sunday, January 25, 2009

Air Force One: Welcome Aboard!

You might want to make room for one more presidential-themed TV special to wrap up this historic inaugural week. Tonight at 8pm the National Geographic channel will feature a wonderful documentary about the "flying White House", otherwise known as Air Force One. Watch as President Obama is welcomed aboard his new jet and given the grand tour. In a hilarious clip, the President meets his new pilot, Colonel Turner; square jawed, uniformed, straight and steady as a Redwood tree. Obama says, "You are exactly what I want my pilot to look like. Like Sam Shepherd in "The Right Stuff", right out of central casting!"

We are thrilled to consider that President O perhaps also loves our favorite astronaut movie, The Right Stuff"! We also weirdly wonder if Mr. President is a Sci Fi movie fan, and whether he worries that he will have to fight aliens or incoming comets. Because in movies where we are about to be invaded by aliens or wiped out by a comet, the American president is almost always an African American.

Nothing like that on tonight's special, just a great tour of the most high tech plane on the planet. Come and enjoy!

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Lisa said...

I think our new President is very tuned into popular culture and the power of images which can resonate so strongly with the public. It's a media world out there, and he seems to get it in a big way. Thanks for the heads-up on this special which looks amazing!!