Sunday, January 11, 2009

"24" Season Seven Premieres Tonight on Fox!

We loved the preview movie Redemption from this November, and now it's time for the new season to begin! If the movie was any indication, this season should restore 24's stellar reputation as one of the most exciting hours on television ever, easily rivaling anything that the movies are throwing at us. There are certainly hours that are more subtle or cerebral, perhaps, but nothing can match the visceral enjoyment and suspense that a good hour of 24 can supply.

Much of the action this season takes place in Washington D.C., and it's probably safe to say the nation's capitol has captured the attention of America -- and the world -- more so the past few months than in a long time, and in a good way. Should work well for 24's relevance.

24 premieres on Fox tonight at 8pm for two hours, and continues tomorrow Monday for another two hours at 8pm also. The show lands in its regular Monday 9pm slot -- after House -- next week.

All we can say is "Go, Jack, Go!"!


Jane said...

Is there any hope at all for someone who has never watched a single episode of 24 in her life to come in at Season 7 and be able to figure it out? I sure would like to give it a try, but fear I would be clueless.

Lisa said...

Absolutely! Each season is basically self-contained and the only thing you might want to know about this one is that Tony, the bad guy that Jack's after, used to be his friend. That's about it!