Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Favorite Mad Man on SNL Tonight -- Jon Hamm!

If you love Jon Hamm as Mad Men's Don Draper as much as we do here at The Flaming Nose, you won't want to miss his guest hosting appearance tonight on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

Couldn't come at a better time to get some nice exposure for Mr. Hamm and Mad Men, of course. SNL is on a roll these days, parlaying some daffy political satire, an uncannily incisive impersonation of a certain VP candidate by SNL-alum Tina Fey, and whatever else put the fire back in their belly -- and let's not forget NBC's opportune scheduling of several extra primetime SNL specials to coincide with election campaign events -- to propel them to ratings records.

Let's hope a little of Saturday Night Live's current magic rubs off on Jon Hamm and Mad Men, the best show out there on TV that most people aren't watching yet.


Scott said...

You beat me to it Lisa! I can't wait until tonight's show... the Mad Men send-up is bound to be hilarious, and Coldplay... only one of my favorite bands on the planet (yeah, me and a billion other people!)

Then in 2 weeks, Affleck and my boy David!

Lisa said...

Well, I've been sort of AWOL here lately -- the election is making me crazy and all I'm thinking about is politics! But this was too good to let pass by! I'll be watching!!