Thursday, October 30, 2008

News Flash!!! Jon Hamm on 30 Rock...Please God Let it be True!

This just in from the Ausiello column for Entertainment Weekly online. There is a rumor that Jon Hamm will be in a multi-episode story arc this season on 30 Rock. Has somebody been reading The Flaming Nose? It's a dream come true....please, please, please let it be real. But wait...there's more! He might become Liz Lemon's new boyfriend! If that isn't reason to live, I don't know what is.Check out Michael Ausiello's very funny blurb. He's even more excited than we are!


Amy said...

OMG, yes...let it be true! I was planning to watch 30 Rock tonight for the first time, if you can believe that. It's just one of many shows I never got around to watching and for some reason didn't bother to tape. I will now and enjoy it all the more if Hamm joins the cast.

Lisa said...

Swoon!!! That would indeed be our dream come true! And cute would be the perfect couple -- on TV, of course! Now that we know that Jon Hamm is hilarious, too, as well as a terrific dramatic actor -- like 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin -- he would be an ideal addition to the show for a multi-guest shot.
And wasn't tonight's episode delightful???!!!

Jane said...

The hype from SNL worked! 30 Rock achieved a series ratings high of 4.1 among Adults 18-49...up 46% over last season. HOORAY! Let's hope this audience boost keeps the best sit-com on television (well regular TV anyway...I still love Entourage) around for a long time. Last night's episode was so weird and funny on so many levels. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey have the most amazing chemistry. When Liz Lemon gazed lovingly upon Jack, back at the NBC helm at last...I almost cried. This show is sweeter than honey and I just love it.