Thursday, October 30, 2008

30 Rock Returns Tonight!

Here's something guaranteed to relieve post-Mad Men depression, pre-election jitters and the fact that it is sadly not Friday yet. After what seemed like an obscenely long wait, the brilliant and hilarious 30 Rock returns, tonight on NBC at 9:30. Always a critical favorite, but never a ratings star, it will be interesting to see if any of the publicity from Tina Fey's SNL Sarah Palin impersonation translates into a wider audience for 30 Rock. Couple that with Alec Baldwin's Emmy win for playing Jack Donaghy, the world's most lovable self-absorbed TV honcho, and this show has the best chance ever to increase its numbers.

Not since The Dick Van Dyke show has a TV program about the making of a TV program been so wildly entertaining. Tune in tonight for the continuing adventures of Liz Lemmon, Jack Donaghy and (my personal favorite) Kenneth the page (Jack McBrayer) who's bunny rabbit demeanor obscures a fierce ambition to make it in the TV world!

Best of all, 30 Rock is coupled with The Office at 9pm, so we will have a solid hour of laughs again on Thursday nights!


amy said...

I'm a case in point. Tina Fey's Palin impersonation on SNL has finally turned my attention to 30 Rock, which I'm looking foward to for the first time tonight!

Lisa said...

Great episode, all the lines about her crazy co-workers being family...this show has a lot of emotion plus it's hilarious. I love the wonderful platonic relationship between Jack and Liz. Great example of a nutty but supportive workplace "marriage".

Wonderful episode!