Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don Draper is the Most Interesting Character of this TV Season

Thanks to Lisa for pointing out that the fabulous Don Draper was featured on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately I did not see the post until Sunday afternoon! Woe is me! Surely must stream entire episodes of SNL somewhere, after the live episode has aired!

I am particularly devastated because Mad Men's Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is the most intriguing character on television these days. He has more layers than my Aunt Lorene's chocolate cake and not all of them are angel food. There is the dark side of Don who shunned his own brother causing the poor kid's suicide. There is the amazingly compassionate side of Don who gave co-worker Peggy the heart and bravery to become one of the fast track stars of Sterling Cooper. He treats his wife like chattel, but he has lovingly maintained a long term friendship with the real Mrs. Draper, a sweet soul from San Pedro with a bad leg. Don is menacing, enigmatic, and sometimes cruel. But at the end of the day, his innate decency as a human being always shines through. The only other TV character I can recall being this fascinated by was Nate Fisher (Peter Krause on Six Feet Under) who had the same amphibious, emotionally remote dark exterior, but hiding inside was the nicest guy you ever want to meet.

No doubt about it, Sunday nights are the best night of the week for TV. After tonight's Mad Men season finale, we will still have True Blood, Entourage and Dexter to enjoy for a bit longer. Then Christmas, then New Year's and then....mercifully....a new season of American Idol. Life in the TV lane goes on!


Lisa said...

I second the nomination of Don Draper, as played by Jon Hamm, as the most interesting character this season.

I tell you, after seeing him on SNL -- I haven't been able to find whole episode yet, which is weird...I will search more and post a link -- where Jon Hamm was AMAZING, I think I'm in love! lol He did a killer James Mason imitation, imagine that!

I think Jon Hamm may be one of the most talented discoveries of the last few years -- he has such potential, both in Mad Men and beyond. And he makes it look so effortless. Okay, I AM in love! :-)
Fascinating episode last night...we need to do a whole season wrap-up.

What a show! Deserved every Emmy it got and should keep getting them!

Jane said...

I'm in love with Don Draper too. We always fall in love with the same TV characters. From Spock to Don Draper, a weird televised trail of hearts.

I'm glad you didn't give any spoilers for last night's MM episode. I had to DVR, so I'll be tuning in tonight. I'm sure I will be inspired to do a season finale blog.