Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mad Men's Jon Hamm Is Hilarious -- Who Knew??

Hope you caught Mad Men's Jon Hamm on Saturday Night Live -- he was terrific! So good looking and with a deft comedy touch that I think might have taken some of us by surprise! It was quite a bold plug for MM, too, with his intro cheekily referencing hit TV shows as a come-on to solicit viewers watch Mad Men, plus a dead-on MM skit featuring appearances by the also very amusing John Slattery and Elisabeth Moss from the show.

For now, let's post the droll skit "Don Draper's Guide To Picking Up Women" -- if this doesn't drive some viewers to MM, they don't know what they're missing!


Jane said...

I love this! So very funny! I also think the Don Draper character is causing sexual nostalgia for a time when guys weren't always so ironic and silly and self depreciating and babyish. We used to have a saying for the old Indiana Jones character "boring, yet masterful". Don Draper is masterful and anything but boring!

Lisa said...

I think you've caught the whole appeal in a nutshell, Jane. I completely agree about the differences between today's male and yesterday's -- at least as idealized in pop culture. Also, the fact that Don Draper is incredibly smart is a huge plus!