Monday, March 24, 2008

"South Park" Goes Online...Way Online!

For those of you out there who are mega South Park fans, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have given you a big present, their new South Park website, which is chock full of generous offerings. The most important and impressive? Every episode of South Park is online for your viewing pleasure. Now that's a beautiful thing and should totally add to the alleged but possibly imaginary internet traffic jams that, according to some sources, threaten to bring the corporate economy to its knees.

Right. I especially loved the report the other week that -- horrors! -- the most surfing by office employees was done between like 11a and 1pm...which, if I recall from my office days, used to be considered part of the lunch hour? Which suggests that people are hanging in their cubicles and watching online stuff instead of going out and driving and polluting the atmosphere. Maybe they're even buying sandwiches from the probably horrible in-house cafeteria. Sounds like a win for The Man to me. Keeping employees inside and available...gee, isn't that worth a little bandwidth, huh? Lighten up, share the wealth; Parker and Stone seem to be. Thanks, guys!

Anyway, give the site a visit. Geez, I really wish I was a super fan of the show, though perhaps I'll wend my way through the eps and fall in love, belatedly yet thoroughly. You can also make an avatar of yourself (or anyone, of course) which is amusing and a terrific time-waster, too.

Go forth and watch online video!

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