Friday, March 28, 2008

Nose-talgia: TNT's "100% Weird"

Well, this is a blast from my own past, as head of programming for the TNT network back in the day. One of the best movie franchises my programming cohort and I created was the late-night 100% Weird, which featured crazy movies and cult favorites. This was the rather insane opening, featuring clips from one of my fave weird movies The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (that lovely lady with the groovy glasses is actress/singer Mary Healy), and other films, of course. 100% Weird is of course no more; cable TV now is mostly just "100% Corporate" which is much scarier and infinitely less interesting, in my opinion. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

the best thing about 100% Weird was Uncle Squishy

Anonymous said...

TNT is utterly unwatchable now. Their "We know drama" slogan should actually be "we know boredom"! I think it was around 1998-2000 when TNT first started slipping into suckage territory and from then on it was like a runaway train. I miss 100% Weird when it used to be on friday evenings and the original Monstervision. The Joe Bob era movies weren't as good as the older scifi horror movies,mainly being splatter films from the 80's and such.