Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nose-talgia: "The Patty Duke Show"

Girls growing up in the early 1960s were crazy about The Patty Duke Show, the energetic sitcom starring the immensely talented Oscar-winning actress Patty Duke as a pair of identical cousins. Patty Lane was American, peppy and adorable, and Cathy Lane, her cuz, was Scottish, proper and lovely. The show premiered on ABC in September of 1963 and ran for 104 episodes over three seasons. (Back then, when they made a season, they really made a season -- over 30 episodes/year!). With a nod to The Parent Trap and any number of movies and TV shows with a lookalike theme, The Patty Duke Show was a funny and memorable part of 1960s television. Unfortunately, it's rarely aired today anywhere and isn't out on DVD yet, but we can hope!

We offer the opening sequence, with the completely catchy theme song, for your enjoyment!

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Jane said...

Oh boy! Now I've started my day singing..."You could lose your mind...when cousins...are two of a kind!!!!" I've always wondered who was the poor actress who had to play the back of Patty Duke's head when the cousins talked to each other. The miracle of TV magic! Thanks for the GREAT Nose-talgia piece Lisoid!