Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How To Find American Idol If You Miss It

I worked 12 hours straight yesterday (14 if you count the commute) and just didn't have the energy to do my usual Tuesday night Idol thing. I figured I would watch my tivo'ed version of AI boys night the next day, but someone forgot to put permanent hold on it and about a billion episodes of the Simpsons and Anthony Bourdain bumped it off the queue. So after watching American Idol girls tonight (loved Kristy Lee's country version of a Journey song...think Amanda Overmeyer is great because she is just so original and weird...bored with everyone else), I went on a little Internet journey of my own to find the missing night of American Idol guy performances.

First stop was iTunes, as they promise us every week that the performances are posted there, for 99 cents each. Liars! Some of the songs were there but they did not have all my favorites, it was a very incomplete list. They did have Chikezie's newest blues number up there and it sounded awesome. They also had (this is so adorable) the entire 7 minute Reynaldo video posted for free. See my previous blog for details on the amazing Reynaldo. Now you can have Reynaldo and his "Brother's Forever" song on your iPod.

Next stop-American Idol website. Great still photos, lovely Coke commercial, no songs or videos from last night.

Final stop--YouTube. Bingo! Every single song from last night's American Idol episode is posted as a video. Most of them have close to 30,000 views just 24 hours later. I watched Michael Johns sing "Don't You Forget About Me". It was a tiny bit forgettable, but I still love him. Popular front runner David Archuletta sang, "Another Day in Paradise". He was just OK, dawg, because he is sick with that Hot Zone flu that's going around. The flu is really wiping out a lot of AI contestants this year. The best performance was Jason Castro singing the excellent, celestial song, "Hallelujah". He is so talented, and has a great look with the blond dreads and I think he is going all the way. I have posted the video here for everyone to see and hear and enjoy.

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Lisa said...

YouTube is frequently the court of last resort, when looking for material. You'd think that the networks would rather have the videos available at their own site, and some is, but what a misstep not having ALL of the American Idol stuff at Fox or even on iTunes for a fee. Somebody just doesn't get it, about how people want to see TV on the net and will do anything they can to make it available. I'm still irked that AMPAS took down that Oscar open and hasn't put it up, even on their own YouTube channel, which now does have material from the actual show. Oh well! Glad that YouTube came through for AI -- Fox would be insane to take the clips down!