Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nose-talgia: SCTV does "Andy Griffith"

As a comic corollary to Jane's wonderful Nose-talgia post about The Andy Griffith Show, there's a wonderful SCTV take on it, with their "Merv Griffith Show" segment, found here on YouTube, with Rick Moranis as talkshow host Merv Griffin in the Andy role. Note particularly the great Eugene Levy doing a marvelous Floyd, and Merv's larger-than-life rear end! The Mayberry skit starts about 1 minute or so into the clip, after a commercial parody. (Loving SCTV practically goes hand-in-hand with loving television; the whole premise of the show is a struggling TV network and the shows it broadcasts.)



Jane said...

SCTV completely rocks, Lisoid! However, I happen to feel that the original Andy Griffith show was already so weird and wonderful, that any spoof or takeoff is like making a copy of a copy. I get confused. It's like, what does Post-Post-Modern mean anyway? Must do more research, or read more New Yorker Magazine jokes.

Dean Treadway said...

One of the best skits in SCTV history. Despite Flaherty's hilariously bad Don Knotts (reall, who can do Don Knotts?), everything here is priceless. Dave Thomas doing Fred Travelena doing Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle? Unthinkable!!! And the ending, with the sponsors---"And Riunite on Ice! It's the drink that Otis drinks!" My god, what genius!!!