Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Great Lucy Moments from The Queen of Comedy!

We've had a lot of clips here lately, and considering how many episodes of TV Lucy starred in -- well over 500! -- we haven't even come close to sampling her great comedy output.  Let's try some more, shall we, as we watch another selection of timeless Lucy moments!

How about one of The Flaming Nose correspondent Jane's favorite sequences, from I Love Lucy episode "Be a Pal" where Lucy (as Carmen Miranda) tries to make Cuban Ricky a little less homesick:

From the episode "The Ballet" comes this terrific sequence where Lucy tries to learn ballet, under the stern tutelage of guest actress Mary Wickes as Madame Le Mond:

Also from "The Ballet" comes Lucy and comic Frank Scannell doing the classic vaudeville routine "Slowly I Turned":

This is one of my favorite I Love Lucy sequences -- from 'Ricky Thinks He's Going Bald"!

From the I Love Lucy episode "The Million Dollar Idea" -- Lucy and Ethel's salad dressing needs to be un-sold via a TV commercial:

This next clip is always included in Lucy's top moments ever -- from "Lucy Does a TV Commercial"!

The famous grape-stomping scene from "Lucy's Italian Movie"!

And now from "Job Switching" comes one of the top scenes ever, with the great character actress Elvia Allman as Lucy and Ethel's boss at the candy factory:

We hope everybody has been inspired to watch more Lucille Ball after this exciting 100th Birthday Anniversary Weekend.  The media coverage of Lucy the past week has been phenomenal everywhere, and it's proof that she reigns supreme as the Queen of Comedy, even after all these years.  Any female comedy actress coming along since I Love Lucy is always measured against the standard of hilarity established by Lucille Ball, and that's a fair test. 

Many talented and funny women have stepped up to the plate during the past decades -- Joan Davis, Irene Ryan, Tina Fey, Cindy Williams, Amy Poehler, Penny Marshall, Shelly Long, Debra Messing, Bea Arthur, Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Roseanne Barr, Brett Butler, Jenna Elfman, Lisa Kudrow, and so many more -- but nobody has topped Lucy. 

Long Live the Queen!  Long Live Lucy!


Jane said...

What a wonderful cap to our Week of Lucy series on The Flaming Nose. These posts are a treasure, and I intend to return to view the videos and enjoy all of the stories again and again. I'm reminded constantly of what a tremendous talent we had with our dear Lucy...truly the most incredible "Funny Lady" the world has ever known. Her daughter Lucy Arnez summed it up best over the weekend. When asked what she thinks about the outpouring of love for her mom from millions of people around the world, she said she just can't wrap her mind around it. "It's just too big". Fabulous post Lisa!

Jane said...

One additional's true that nobody can top Lucy...but if we HAD to select an heir to the throne, I'm going to vote for Tina Fey.