Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucy's Memorable Musical Moments!

How about a collection of entertaining musical sequences from Lucy's TV shows?  There were lots of them, from sentimental to supremely silly, so let's we'll spotlight a few here!

I Love Lucy episode 'The Operetta": Lucy is dressed up as a gypsy hag and sings a tambourine-accented "Queen of the Gypsies"!

I Love Lucy "Lucy Meets Bob Hope":  Lucy, Ricky and Bob Hope sing the baseball lament "Nobody Loves the Ump" and a version of "Thanks for the Memories"

I Love Lucy "Lucy's Last Birthday":  Lucy thinks that everybody has forgotten her birthday, and this gives us two good songs, the march "Friends of the Friendless" and then Ricky singing the "I Love Lucy" theme song to her. 

I Love Lucy "Lucy Goes to Scotland":  Now don't go crazy, but this scene is in color, colorized several years ago, but going from set photos which allowed accurate colors.  It looks pretty good, and we've got Ricky singing "I'm in Love with the Dragon's Dinner" from Lucy's dream musical.

I Love Lucy "The Diet":  Lucy loses a few pounds in order to get into Ricky's nightclub act, and they sing "Cuban Pete" together!

I Love Lucy "Ethel's Home Town":  We've posted this on The Flaming Nose before, and we still love it!  Ethel gives a concert and it's sabotaged by Lucy, Ricky and Fred in a most hilarious manner! 

I Love Lucy "Lucy is Enciente":  At the Tropicana, Lucy finally breaks the news that she is expecting, and Ricky sings the Eddie Cantor favorite "We're Having a Baby" to her.  This is the whole sequence and is considered one of the top scenes in the entire series.  Still utterly charming and sweet.

I Love Lucy "Sales Resistance":  Ricky writes a song for Lucy and his new son -- "There's a Brand New Baby at Our House"

I Love Lucy "Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress":  Here are Lucy and Ethel rehearsing Cole Porter's "Friendship" for a TV appearance.  In the finale of the show, the ladies tear up each other's new gowns, but I couldn't find a clip of that, unfortunately, but this one is plenty cute!

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour "Lucy Goes to Alaska".  Lucy meets up with Red Skelton to do a hobo routine together, and they sing "Poor Us". 

I Love Lucy "Lucy Does the Tango":  With eggs in her shirt, that's how she does it, all right!  The end of this bit got the biggest studio audience in the history of I Love Lucy, btw.

I Love Lucy "Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song":  Pregnant Lucy wants to join in Ricky, Ethel and Fred's Barbershop Quartet!

I Love Lucy "Breaking the Lease":  Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel sing "Sweet Sue" with Ethel playing the piano.

I Love Lucy "California, Here We Come!":  On their way to California, the whole gang joins in!

Happy 100th Birthday, Lucy!


Jane said...

This is my new favorite post about Lucy. Isn't it ironic that for all the episodes that featured a running gag about how tone-deaf Lucy was, some of the best moments in the show came from musical numbers? Another one my sister's and I used to be fascinated by when we were kids, was the time Lucy dressed up like Carmen Miranda to make Ricky feel less homesick for Cuba. And she had a fruit hat and lip synched: "Mamama caro...mamama caro". Then the record got a scratch in it. So. Much. To. Love. About. Lucy!

Dean Treadway said...

That egg scene is a total riot. I gotta revisit this show, pronto. As always, thanks for the reminder that Lucy is and always will be the greatest.

Lisa said...

I would also like to say "Bah!" to the companies who are pursuing and making YouTube fans take down short clips! What churlish nonsense! There's nothing more disgusting than the sound of a Hollywood studio bellowing when they think that somehow they're being robbed. I only hope that most of these clips survive and that the efforts of the studios to squelch fan appreciation are unsuccessful. Fight on, fans!
The studios still don't get it...