Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucy's Hollywood Guest Stars!

I've put up a post on TCM's Movie Morlocks all about the Hollywood celebrities who guest-starred on I Love Lucy.  It's got a lot of clips -- though for some reason WordPress often doesn't play the clips correctly, so I put in direct links -- but it's got all our favorites and you'll enjoy it!  Please go over to TCM's Movie Morlocks and take a look!

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Jane said...

I love your Movie Morlocks post and title "Lucy was Just Like Us". It wasn't just her love of movie stars. She was so hugely relatable and sympathetic through all of her mishaps and adventures. She also had a unique American stubborn persistance and inability to give up, no matter how many times she was disappointed in her eternal quest for a show biz career. Lucy was the ultimate "everywoman". I think the I Love Lucy show planted the early seeds for the feminist movement, because of Lucy's neverending desire to make something of herself and work outside the home.