Friday, August 26, 2011

Lee Majors IS the Six Million Dollar Man!

Fans of actor Lee Majors and his iconic role as TV's The Six Million Dollar Man will enjoy this really informed interview by Mark Gollom from the CBC.  Included is a nearly half-hour audio version of the conversation between Mark and Majors, and you will appreciate how well informed Mark is about the show -- he's a lifelong fan -- in comparison to so many times when reporters know NOTHING about the subject and ruin a good interview opportunity. 

Be sure to check out this terrific article!  Majors is in Toronto this weekend (starting yesterday) for their FanExpo event, which even they refer to as "Comic Con North".  They've got a great line-up of guests -- take a look at the Sci Fi list alone! -- and if I were in Toronto this would be a must-attend!  (I especially love that Kevin Sorbo [right] will be there -- I think he's wonderful!)

Anyway, if you are there, go!  If not, at least read the article and poke around the website!

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