Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nose-talgia: "Rudy and GoGo" New Year's Eve!

We hope you remember the wonderful but woefully short-lived Rudy and GoGo's World Famous Cartoon Show which ran on TNT back in the day. Created by two charming, intelligent and hilarious young men -- Barry Mills and Jack Pendarvis -- RaGG was a crazy melange of cartoons, live-action marionettes, songs, parodies and everything else.

TNT Programming tried to give it a long run -- honestly, we did -- but at least we have some footage to love now, thanks to the internet. Barry has set up a tribute site to the show here and there are also clips here and there on YouTube, including this for a great New Year's Eve programming stunt when Rudy, GoGo goat (who also ran for President later) and J.B. hosted science fiction movies all night long!

No such luck anything this fun will be airing on TV this year -- not a chance!

Lest you fear Barry and Jack's talents are wasting away these days, Barry continues a wonderful career as a TV and music producer, and Jack Pendarvis is a celebrated novelist and educator!


Dean Treadway said...

This brings back so many great memories. "We're never going to sleep...ever againnnnnnnn." That show was hilarious.

igotslimed said...

I wonder if you have any information on %100 weird. The late night movie block show that used to run on TNT. Wasn't that produced by the same guy Barry Mills?
-one other thing I've wanted to know about for years. Before Monstervision was hosted by Joe Bob or Penn and Teller waaay back in the ealry 90's, there used to be a claymation mean faced moon guy between movie segments. I always wondered who animated that and where it came from.