Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love is in the Air on Dexter

Only one more episode left for Dexter's 5th season and I'm feeling a little sad about that because he's finally found the girl of his dreams. Everything about Lumen (guest star Julia Stiles) is perfect: she's a victim (like him) and now a vigilante serial killer (the family that plays together stays together). Also, I can't help but notice that they LOOK like identical twins. The same dirty blond hair, wide cheek bones and penetrating brown eyes. They were separated at birth. It was a narcissist's delight the first time Dexter and Lumen had a roll in the hay. I wanted them to leave their matching black leather gloves on.

This season has been intriguing on many other levels too. I happen to think that Peter Weller's bad cop was one of the most menacing and terrifying characters that "Dexter" has introduced yet. He looked like he could snap at any moment and boil a bunny or blow Miami sky high. He's evil with a bit of joie de vive, sort of like Stephen King's Walking Dude devil in The Stand. I must confess I've had a crush on Peter Weller since Buckaroo Bonzai back in the 80's. "No matter where you go, there you are". Well his character has gone to a quick demise, dispatched Dexter style in the back of van. I believe I will miss him and his coiled-like-a-snake energy.

The other romance that has become fascinating and almost sweet (if that adjective could ever be applied to the best female potty mouth on TV) is the on again off again flirtation between Deb and Quinn. Poor Quinn was outed for conducting his own investigation of Dexter and Deb dropped him like a hot potato. But she still has feelings for the NY Irish cop (who wouldn't?) and seems determined to get her heart drop kicked and stomped on once again. Oh how I wish for a season end surprise where Deb actually gets to find some semblance of normal love. Hope springs eternal.

I think this may not have been one of the very best Dexter seasons, but even a lesser Dexter is still a delight. His evolution as a father, brother, and now (new) boyfriend to Lumen has been measured and riveting. There will be an empty hole on Sunday nights for me when this show is done. Catch the season finale this Sunday on Showtime at 9pm.


Lisa said...

Great appreciation for this season of "Dexter" -- it's gotten better, started slow, but now is super-involving and this Sunday's episode should be a...killer, perhaps? Julia Stiles has done a super job as Lumen; I wonder if she will survive? Weller was a true psycho, even scarier than Lithgow last year, I think. I also have a big crush on him from forever; did you know he's a real life brainiac history expert? Sigh...he's wonderful!

Can't wait for this Sunday!!

Sarah Al-Sattar said...

Peter Weller is heading up on the chart, with his new show Dragon Eyes with Jean Claude Van Damme cant wait.

Peter Weller is the best actor I am inlove with his acting/shows.