Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Night with Doctor Who!

Happy Holidays from The Flaming Nose! We hope you're up to opening presents, cooking and eating delicious food, and watching some great TV!

Our recommendation for today and tonight: BBC America's all-day Doctor Who marathon, including the 1pm Doctor Who at the Proms, where the Who-niverse invades London's traditional Royal Albert Hall Proms musical concert. Taped in July 2010, it features the newest Doctor Matt Smith and a bevy of Who villains, personalities, and of course terrific music from the series. Very much a bit of British tradition -- the Proms part, at least! (Think of The Proms like a wonderful Hollywood Bowl concert, or a Boston Pops extravaganza.)

The biggest present for us comes at 9pm -- the simultaneous UK-USA premiere of Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol, with special guest star Michael Gambon. BBC One airs DW: ACC at 6pm their time, and you should check out their fabulous Doctor Who website here. We're incredibly lucky to get it here on a same day basis -- for some reason BBC Canada doesn't air it until tomorrow. (Of course ultimate DW fans will be watching it on the internet the minute after it airs, so why the delay?)

If you're not a Doctor Who fan, you might become one after today! The DW tradition has been charmingly and successfully carried-on by Matt Smith, the youngest actor to play the Doctor but with every bit as much panache as the best of them. Also here's a recommendation you won't always hear -- Doctor Who is suitable for the entire family! And I mean that in the best way...there's nothing childish about it, just amazing adventure plus a huge dose of heart and wisdom for everybody to enjoy. Completely accessible science fiction excitement!

Anyway -- watch! And Season's Greetings!

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