Thursday, January 20, 2011

Piers Morgan on CNN Snags a Ricky Gervais Interview: Post Golden Globes!

CNN's popular new Piers Morgan talk show scored another big coup (it premiered with Oprah as the first guest last week) by getting red hot Ricky Gervais to come on and explain himself following his controversial hosting of the Golden Globe awards a few nights ago. Is there anybody left on the planet who hasn't weighed in on his funny but dark skewering of Hollywood's elite at the loosest, drunkest award show on the planet? I mean come ON, it's not as if the GG's are the Academy Awards, for heaven sakes. It's not as if he swallowed a live hamster on stage or had a wardrobe malfunction. He basically did a comedy roast while most of the celebrities in attendance laughed uproariously and a few looked mildly uncomfortable. Some (Robert Downey Jr most notably) even nipped back at the great Gervais and offered up their own cutting words of wit . I can't believe that days following Lisa's post on the subject, folks are still humming and buzzing and tweeting themselves into a frenzy over a comedian doing the job he was hired for.

Piers gave Gervais his first shot at explaining himself in depth and it was a very thoughtful interview. I like the Piers Morgan style, it's very low key and unassuming...he really lets his guests shine. I was charmed by Ricky's goofy laugh, which is genuine and irresistible. I've always loved him, and although there were a few minutes at the Globes that made me cringe (poor Cher!), I don't think he should go to jail for his comments. Everybody has taken it far too seriously. What would have been unforgivable at the Oscars was pretty much OK for the Globes. And besides, a few years back, nobody cared about the Golden Globes or even watched them on TV. They've only recently become a big hairy deal. The producers should be glad for all the publicity.

The best part of tonight's interview was when Piers asked Ricky which 3 other American comedians he would bring with him to a deserted island. And one of his picks was our own beloved Flaming Nose favorite Louis CK! Apparently Gervais is to appear on an upcoming HBO special featuring Louis CK as well as Jerry Seinfeld, talking about humor. Now THAT will be funny.

Catch the new Piers Morgan show on CNN, Weeknights from 6-7pm. Tomorrow night (Friday) he'll feature George Clooney.


Lisa said...

I missed this last night but will find it somewhere and watch. Indeed, more people -- and young people! -- are watching the Gervais footage than they ever watched anything from the GG awards before. The suits are only mad because they couldn't monetize that exposure, I'd say.

Louis C.K. is in Gervais' fascinating and funny "The Invention of Lying" movie and Gervais did that cameo on "Louie" -- so glad that our favorite comedians are in a big comedic bromance!

I watched the Gervais GG footage again and he's hilarious. I think this is also a bit of a culture clash -- that very cutting British humor edge is a little different from what gets dished out here.

Viva Ricky!

Jane said...

Oh well, like Gervais said in the Piers interview last night, these were "A" list actors at the Globes...if anything he did hurt their feelings something is terribly wrong. He also said, "Robert Downey Jr. is the coolest person on the planet. He's Ironman! Why on earth would he care what I said about him?". If they were offended by Ricky, can you only imagine how they'd run screaming from Louis CK's show?